The Times Kanye Took Things Too Far.

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The Times Kanye Took Things Too Far.

The Times Kanye Took Things Too Far.

Love him or hate him Kanye's passion defines him. Sometimes however that passion can be detrimental. Let's have a quick look back at his craziest rants and maddest moments (yes that includes the “Taylor Swift” night!)

Slavery Was A Choice.

During an interview with TMZ in 2018 Kanye said “when you hear about slavery for 400 years...400 years? That sounds like a choice” in reference to when black people were forced from Africa to America between the 17th-19th century to be sold as slaves. In response Van Lathan a member of the TMZ team did not take lightly to Kanye's comments quickly saying they were “made with an absence of thought”

Van Lathen was not the only one offended by Kanye's remarks. Hundreds of thousands of people were shocked and horrified by Kanye’s outburst including who stated he thought his remarks were “ignorant”.

That Taylor Swift Moment

At the Grammy awards in 2009 a young Taylor Swift set out to collect her Grammy award for video of the year. Unfortunately for her Kanye interrupted, grabbed the mic and shouted ”Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time”. This ignited an age old feud between the two artists as Kanye has refused to apologise for his actions.


Kanye vs His Disabled Fans

In 2014 the American rapper caused outrage as he stopped mid performance to ask if “everyone could stand up” and when two of his wheelchair bound fans did not, he continued to heckle them in front of the entire crowd.

He then went on to say ”this is the longest I have had to wait to do a song,it's ridiculous”

This must have been completely humiliating for his fans to be called out in front of thousands of people by the very man they came to see.

There is no doubt it would benefit all of us if he would stop and think before he speaks, perhaps he would not be the Kanye we know and love without these passionate outbursts. It is however worth noting that Kanye has a great deal of influence and these outbursts do not only affect him but the millions of you people who look up to him.

So stay passionate Kanye, but maybe with a bit more forethought!


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