What Influences Streetwear Culture? - With Marcel Jung

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What Influences Streetwear Culture? - With Marcel Jung

We want to know "What Influences Streetwear Culture" here at SLSUPPLYCO we ask our customers and influencers, what inspires them? as we delve into streetwear and its roots. 


1.What is your name?

"Marcel Jung"

2.Where are you from?

"Im from Germany"

3.How old are you ?

 "Im 23 years old" 

4.What are your Hobbies,Interests and Passions?

"My greatest interest is fashion and photography. 

I also do Parkour and martial arts,I think it a very good balance for day to day life. I'm also very interested in movies and acting." 

5.What is your favourite genre of music?

"I Like Hip hop, RNB"

6.What is your favourite film?

"My favourite film is Bloodsport with Jean-Claude van Damme ... I know it’s old school but this movie inspired me to martial arts!"

7.What are your thoughts on the item/items you have ordered from us?

"The Most comfortable cap that I ever had

When I decide which cap to use all day long I would say SLSUPPLYCO!"

8.How did you rate our customer service?

"Damn awesome, reply is very fast and friendly ! No words needed."

9.Would you recommend us to a friend?

"I would recommend SLSUPPLYCO to everyone who wants high quality pieces
Without thinking twice"

10.What is your Instagram tag?


What is Streetwear Culture? What Influences Streetwear Culture?


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