What Influences Streetwear Culture? - With Bradley Hagad

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What Influences Streetwear Culture? - With Bradley Hagad

 Who has the most influence on your style? 

Jerry Lorenzo is my biggest streetwear inspiration. He has this unique underground style like no other. One day, scrolling through the home of instagram, I came across a picture of how he was dressed. From then on I started taking inspiration from him. Great personality and attitude, because in addition to style, the attitude does a lot.


Sneaker Quiz - How well do you know your Sneakers


What is it about sneakers that you like? 

Sneakers are a fundamental part of life for me. Without clean shoes I don't leave the house. I think shoes makes up for 80% of the outfit. For this reason they are very important in my opinion. It is very subjective I suppose. There are people who dress very well even with very simple shoes. This is the beauty of Fashion, everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. 


Sneaker Quiz - How well do you know your Sneakers


My favorite pair are the FEAR OF GOD Oatmeal that I bought recently. Impressive quality and fantastic silhouette.


Sneakers FOG Fear of God Oatmeal

What are your Hobbies, Interests and Passions? 

My passion / hobby is music. In fact I have been playing the guitar for 12 years and have opened various concerts in my city. However my main passion is fashion, especially Streetwear. I am fortunate to work in this area. I recently started working for TESSABIT which is a group of luxury boutiques that establishes itself in the world for its original and sought-after selection of the best luxury clothing and accessory brands.This passion for streetwear benefits me a lot in this line of work, because It allows me to blend style between brands with ease and get great satisfaction whilst doing it!

What is your favourite genre of music and why? Who are your favourite artists? 

I don't have a favorite music genre. the songs I listen to depends on my mood. For example if I'm happy I listen to hip hop and Rnb.My favorite artist would have to be Chris Brown, I grew up with his music. Unfortunately I have never had the chance to see him live. But I may still have the chance. 

As a favorite song instead I have to go with a classical one called "River flows" in you by Yiruma, which In part I have tattooed on my forearm, because it's thanks to that song that I started playing the guitar.

Chris Brown Sneakers

What is your favourite film? Do you have a favourite part?

Avengers are my favorite movies, no doubt. I grew up with Marvel movies. I've always had this passion for superheroes. recently the part that struck me most was the final battle in avengers endgame. For someone who has followed the saga from beginning to end, seeing everyone fighting together is a dream.

What are your thoughts on the item/items you have ordered from us? 

I had the opportunity to work with SLSUPPLYCO, they sent me a fantastic hat, which I still wear the SLxCHN Dad Cap. Excellent quality and helpful and polite staff. I think they deserve to be a more well known brand but they still remain virtually undiscovered. 

Signing Out....


Bradley Hagad, but I use my mother’s surname: Lizardo

Where are you from?

I’m from Italy, Como 


I’m 21

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