What Influences Streetwear Culture? - With Yerremia Rantung

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What Influences Streetwear Culture? - With Yerremia Rantung

 Who has the most influence on your style?

Pharrell Williams, Luka Sabbat, Jerry Lorenzo, Guillermo Andrade, the list goes on honestly. I can’t really name just one person, there’s a lot of people that influenced my style. I just like the thought of streetwear meets luxury and I think most of these people have perfectly combined the two.

I take bits and pieces from everyone’s style and try to implement that into my own. I am mostly into streetwear at this moment, but definitely want to incorporate high fashion into my outfits once I am able to afford it. But damn its sooo expensive!

My style is always changing though. At times I like to switch it up, try out different styles when I get the chance its good for me to get out of my comfort zone.

What are your Hobbies, Interests and Passions?

Would you consider raving/music festivals a hobby? Haha. I used to be heavy into the rave scene, dripped in kandi and went all the time. Now I dialled it down and just go to Coachella. All my money used to go to raves now it goes towards clothes. Ever since I really got into fashion, I like to go out with friends and just shoot outfit pictures, creating content. I think it’s really fun and a great creative outlet for me. Down the line I would like to create my own brand or open up a clothing store in Seattle.


Do you like sneakers?Do you have a favourite Pair?

Of course! I just love the look and feel of sneakers with a quality design. Sneakers such an important part of your outfit as well. Not only that, sneakers are what got me into streetwear and fashion. There’s also that sentimental value to it as well, each sneaker I get holds a memory, whether getting my first pair of Jordan 1's or waiting hours to get my first Yeezy. Favourite pair in my collection is the Jordan 1's x Union ‘Storm Blue’ the quality and design is incredible.


 What is your favourite genre of music and why? 

I listen to all genres of music but Electronic Dance Music (EDM) would be considered my favourite. It just makes me want to dance and vibe out. House, Techno and Trance music would be considered my favourite sub-genre of EDM. My favourite artist at the moment is Gesaffelstein and favourite song by him would be ‘Pursuit’. I saw him live this year at Coachella. Jesus. He went off, the music and visuals were just insane. Also, Eric Prydz is another favourite, visuals are insane too.  

What is your favourite film?

Interstellar hands down. I probably have seen it a hundred times. I love anything to do about space and the exploration of life beyond the Earth. Don’t necessarily have a favourite part but I just love every aspect of the film, from the acting, storytelling, soundtrack and even the science behind it. Christopher Nolan definitely did a great job directing this movie.


What are your thoughts on the item/items you have ordered from us? 

The design for the SLxCHN Dad Cap goes hard. Other than that, definitely love the aesthetics of this brand and how it is bringing the streetwear culture together with the brand and the blog.


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Yerremia Rantung also go by Jerry



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Where are you from? Country/region

Seattle, Washington, USA


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