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 Who has the most influence on your style?  Jerry Lorenzo is my biggest streetwear inspiration. He has this unique underground style like no other. One day, scrolling through the home of instagram, I came across a picture of how he was dressed. From then on I started taking inspiration from him. Great personality and attitude, because in addition to style, the attitude does a lot.     What is it about sneakers that you like?  Sneakers are a fundamental part of life for me. Without clean shoes I don't leave the house. I think shoes makes up for 80% of...

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The Top Sneakers of 2018 - With new releases happening all the time it's hard to go a single week without having a new sneaker drop. As we are halfway through the year already we thought we would take a look at the top 5 sneakers of 2018 so far. Sneaker and Sneakerhead culture is booming right now with a worldwide audience of men and women alike. Collecting and reselling sneakers has become a key part of streetwear culture creating an almost cult movement. individuals will camp outside stores for days if not entire weeks just to get their hands...

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The 5 Most Popular Sneakers of Instagram. This year UK company Forward2me have decoded the most Instagrammable sneakers out there. We think that the results may come as quite surprise to some of you. The big shock being that sneaker giants Nike do not have any of their original designs feature in the top 5 list at all. The list was based on amount of times the shoes were tagged or posted in an image. Its clear to see that one company has dominated the #IGSNEAKERCOMMUNITY with 3 features in the top 5 list, Perhaps Nike should start taking notes?...

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