The Air Jordan 4 - Behind The Sneakers

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The Air Jordan 4 - Behind The Sneakers

The Air Jordan 4 - Behind The Sneakers

The Air Jordan 4, a design by tinker Hatfield that debuted in 1989 produced with the idea that the functionality of the sneaker would be superior to that of the previous Air Jordan 3.

Air Jordan 4 Bred Classic Sneakers Black jordan kicks
Making performance, the focal point of the shoe introduced some bold and at the time questionable design features.

With this in mind, when the Jordan 4 first dropped, it got some pretty bad rep with some claiming the shoe looked "ugly" and "nasty."

Some of the features that initially gave the shoe this stigma were the plastic netting and "wings" on either side.

Air Jordan 4 olive custom jordan sneakers jordan kicks

As time has passed these iconic features are the things that have made the Air Jordan 4 so iconic and so heavily popularised in sneaker culture.

When the kicks were released all those years ago, the original colourways were: 'white/cement', 'bred',' military' and 'fire red'.

More than 30 years on from the initial release of the Air Jordan 4 we've seen multiple drops along with collaborations for this shoe.

air jordan 4 travis scott collab olive air jordan 4

It has become somewhat of a timeless classic in the sneaker game.

An iconic feature for the sneaker was their debut on the big screen in the movie 'Do the right thing" a Spike Lee film where a scene in which 'Mookie' scuffs his brand new pair of Air Jordan 4's something that would 100% resonate with all sneakerhead's as a pretty tragic event.

The most expensive pair of 4's that we could find on the market had a price tag of a cool $23,000.00, which shows you just how iconic this sneaker silhouette has become.

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