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With countless Jordan 4 collaborations out there and more and more fake 4's dropping every day, it's becoming complicated to identify the legitimate from the counterfeit. With this in mind, we have built the ultimate guide so you can understand how to tell if Jordan 4's are fake.

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The Nike Air Jordan 1 is arguably one of the greatest sneakers of all time, but in light of this, it's one of the most heavily counterfeit sneakers of all time too.As Jordan 1's increase in popularity, more and more collaborations form.
You can go from J-Balvin's collaboration on the Jordan 1 to Travis Scott's long catalog of sneakers with the Air Jordan brand.
Each of these collaborations will bring their tells.
Our aim here is to give you a detailed guide so you can tell if your Jordan 1's are fake.

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Retailing at $190 with a resale value as high as $4,000, according to StockX. Skating in Jbalvin's Air Jordan 1's is a pretty outrageous act, but that's what "Bam Margiela" did! Bam Margiela | Skating in Air Jordan 1's. Ok, not the Bam you are thinking of, but this is mad none the less. Bam Margiela, aka Erik Arteaga, is a grungy skater straight out of southern California.He's made a name for himself by beating up and destroying some real grails. Having collaborated previously with Virgil Abloh and destroying some of his most sought after sneakers, he continues to cause...

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The Air Jordan 4 is undoubtedly one of the cleanest sneakers ever made. A silhouette that's stood the test of time and come out as MVP!

  We take a look at the top 36 Air Jordan 4's of All Time.

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As time has passed these iconic features are the things that have made the Air Jordan 4 so iconic and so heavily popularised in sneaker culture.

When the kicks were released all those years ago, the original colourways were: 'white/cement', 'bred',' military' and 'fire red'.

More than 30 years on from the initial release of the Air Jordan 4 we've seen multiple drops along with collaborations for this shoe.

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