Every Travis Scott Nike Sneaker Collab.

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Every Travis Scott Nike Sneaker Collab.

  • Travis Scott's Air Jordan 1 backwards swoosh “mocha.”
  • Travis Scott's Air Jordan 33
  • Travis Scott's Nike Air Force 1 “Sail.”
  • Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 “Cactus Jack”
  • Travis Scott's Air Jordan 1 Low “Grammy.”
  • Travis Scott's Air Jordan 4 “Purple Suede”
  • Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 “Olive.”
  • Travis Scott x Jordan Trunner LX
  • Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6
  • Travis Scott's Nike Air Force 1 “Texas”
  • Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 “Yellow.”
  • Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React
  • Travis Scott's Nike SB Dunk
  • Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low
  • Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React


Travis Scott face sneaker release drops

 There is no doubt Travis Scott is one of if not the most influential artists in the world of sneakers right now. 

From selling out arenas to Netflix specials. Grammy performances to amusement park creations. Young La Flame is at the epicentre of pop culture.

It's achievements like this that have led to the multiple collaborations with sneaker giants Nike.

Take a look as we showcase every Travis Scott Nike sneaker to date.

 Travis Scott's Air Jordan 1 backwards swoosh “mocha.”

Drop Date: May 11th, 2019.


travis scott jordan 1 swoosh brown and white


Jordan 1 stands today as one of the most iconic Silhouettes in the Air Jordan catalogue. 

Travis Scott's take on this classic Nike sneaker is both iconic and adverse at the same time. 

 The mocha and black colour scheme is something that stands out from most Air Jordans on the market, a colour scheme that Cactus Jack has made his own.

 There is a unique and impactful aesthetic that Travis Scott has added to this legendary sneaker.

  It does what every great collaboration should do; it builds and develops the aesthetic while paying homage to the original Jumpman design.

  Its Something that must resonate with his fans, and it's no wonder these kicks sold out in no time.

The kicks were no doubt one of the top Jordan 1's of all time.

 Travis Scott's Air Jordan 33

Drop Date: February 14, 2019

air jordan 33 travis scott


A Special edition Jumpman release, these Cactus Jack kicks feature an olive upper and All round army green/ brown colour scheme.

 This, combined with a Cactus Jack branded tongue, embodies the theme of the Houston born rappers stomping Ground.

 The silhouette, not as infamous as the Air Jordan 1 But it is however more technical.

 Featuring a new Fast Fit closure system labelled with the words “ push to eject.” This earthy style shoe may be a fan favourite.

Travis Scott's Nike Air Force 1 “Sail.”

Drop Date: August 10, 2018

af1 sail travis scott


 Another take on a classic sneaker, the Nike Air Force 1 is one of Nike's best sellers. This Travis Scott collaboration is one of our favourites. 

The Astroworld man had the collaboration built with reinforced stitching that signifies a hard-wearing trainer, built to endure the toughest of Streets. 

The most iconic feature of all the chrome swoosh, this clean yet eye-catching feature is what makes the Nike Air Force 1 "sail" one of Cactus Jacks most admired releases. 

The kicks feature a clean gum sole that nicely contrasts from the white canvas upper.


Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 “Cactus Jack”

Drop Date: June 9, 2018

cactus jack air jordan 4 travis scott sneaker


 The bright blue retro shoe designed buy la flame Was a hugely popularised sneaker release. 

The light blue shoe with black accents makes the kicks both bold and clean Simultaneously.  

The accents, on both sides of the shoe, are detailed with pale blue paint splatter. This prime mark gives the sneakers a real urban feel while the contrasting red trim reiterates the boldness of the shoe. 

 This sellout sneaker is no doubt partly responsible for Travis Scott becoming one of the biggest icons in the sneaker industry. 

 Like the majority of cactus Jack's releases, the Air Jordan 4 sneaker was produced in limited numbers and sold out immediately. 


 Travis Scott's Air Jordan 1 Low “Grammy.”

Drop Date: Unreleased

air jordan 1 low travis scott grammys


At The 2019 Grammy Awards, Travis Scott took centre stage as he revealed the Air Jordan 1 low collaboration.

The dark tonal shoe features a distressed Nike swoosh. The swoosh, facing the opposite way to the classic Air Jordan 1 but matching that of la flames mocha Jordan 1's.

  The Bold design features orange laces and Commonly used Cactus Jack branding to finish the piece off. 

The olive green colour scheme used commonly by the “Sicko Mode“ rapper is slowly becoming a popular trend in the sneaker market. 

These sneakers never got their release date and will forever be known as the “grammy lows.”  

Travis Scott's Air Jordan 4 “Purple Suede”

Drop Date: Unreleased


purple suede jordan 4 sneakers travis scott

 Here are a pair of Travis Scott kicks with some serious hype.  

The unreleased purple suede Air Jordan 4 Is a beautifully unique take on one of the most popularised Air Jordan sneakers in modern rap culture.  

 Although these Kicks never had a release date one pair of size 12’s somehow managed to surface at flight club. 

Recently revealed the shoes, gifted to the family and Friends of Jacques Webster made their way onto flight.com where they sold for a cool $17,500! 

Is this best Travis Scott sneaker collaboration that never was?  

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 “Olive.”

Drop Date: Unreleased 

olive courtside air jordan 4 travis scott

After the hype created from the unreleased purple Air Jordan 4, Travis Scott previewed an olive version of the same silhouette.

 Olive nubuck, cactus jack branding and blacked-out accents make up the basis of these kicks.

 The Neutral and earthy themed sneakers are a typical pattern for the Houston rapper, likely something that resonates deeply with his audience. 

 The colour scheme has become an identity for Travis Scotts kicks.  

Travis Scott x Jordan Trunner LX

Drop Date: Unreleased

air jordan pastel travis scott trunner


This Jumpman release stands out amongst other drops from Jacques.

 The Astroworld rapper uses the Jordan Trunner silhouette, previously used by Drake and OVO for their Jordan collaboration to create a pastel green, pink and grey Air Jordan low top.

 A small Cactus Jack imprint, on the back of the shoe, stamps his identity on the collaboration. At the same time, the space-age silhouette is quite fitting for the Astroworld rapper. 

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6

Drop Date: Unreleased 

air jordan 6 olive travis scott

What's that? Another olive sneaker collaboration from Travis Scott? 

The Neutral olive tone Air Jordan 6 is a very cleanly designed shoe with red accents on the tongue being the standout feature. 

The kicks, first unveiled during Travis Scotts Super Bowl LIII performance, showcased a sole with glow in the dark translucent detailing.

 The pair blended well with la flames electric performance on the night, highlights yet another sneaker collaboration with an authentic La Flame stamp of identity. 

Travis Scott's Nike Air Force 1 “Texas”

Drop Date: Unreleased 

texas af1 nike pattern travis scott sneaker

These air force 1s are a work of art.

 The patchwork of flannel, corduroy and canvas give the sneaker authentic workwear feel that's traceable to Travis Scott and his Texan roots.

 The Rodeo rap mogul features his hometown Missouri city on the heel of the sneaker a place he grew up under the watchful eye of his grandmother.

 Hommage paid to his hometown in the form of art is something that sits well with his fans. 

No doubt, if these kicks ever come to fruition his fans and sneakerheads alike will do anything to get their paws on them. 

 Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 “Yellow.”

Drop Date: Unreleased

travis scott air jordan 6 sneakers yellow mustard

The Air Jordan 6 “Yellow” Is arguably the most vibrant of sneaker previews from Travis Scott. 

An insane theme of yellow mustard and translucent sole make this collaboration arguably the most prominent head-turner of the lot.

 Arguably the most notable feature for this pair is the stash patch on the side of the Jumpman's.

 The shoe initially marked for a release in March 2020 has since been pushed back.

 There is currently no release date for the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 “Yellow”. 

Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React

Drop Date: Unreleased

nike 270 max travis scott sneakers

 The sneaker has a rustic, yet colour-popping vibe to it. Moving away from the olive tones commonly featured in previous releases this sneaker is unlike any in the current market. 

With a high profile and great texture, the Nike air max 270 collaboration by Travis Scott is most certainly a noteworthy one.

 The colour scheme is one similar to that of Travis's recreated theme park and third studio album Astroworld with vibrant starfish orange and mustard featured throughout the shoe. 

Its release, scheduled in march 2020 no doubt has sneaker enthusiasts worldwide on the edge of their seats.

Travis Scott's Nike SB Dunk

Drop Date: Unreleased

nike sb dunk kicks travis scott

A tonal khaki base for this sneaker with some details and highlights of corduroy, a common material in the Jackboy's Nike collaborations, previously showcased in the "Air force 1 Texas."

Although there is no specified release date for these creps, you can bet they are in high demand. 

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low

Drop Date: July 20, 2019

air jordan 1 travis scott low

 The Air Jordan 1 low is virtually identical to Scotts high top sneaker except for its low profile.

 A release for Cactus Jacks kicks became a topic of interest while he was performing his Astroworld tour.

 Travis made the release details public shortly after his tour, and the rest was history.

 The sneakers retailed for $130 but have since been sold online at a resale price circa $1100.  

Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React

Drop Date: Unknown

Its rumoured La Flame will release another collaboration with Nike, reimagining the Nike Air Max 270 react silhouette.

The release was originally scheduled for Spring 2020 but no sign of the sneaker yet.

What are your thoughts on Travis Scott's input to sneaker culture?

 Have you managed to cop a pair?

 Whether you have been lucky enough to grab a pair or not let us know which of his sneaks are your favourite in the comments below

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