JBalvin Reveals Colourful Air Jordan 1 Collaboration.

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JBalvin Reveals Colourful Air Jordan 1 Collaboration.

The Latino streetwear icon, JBalvin, announced his sneaker collaboration with Air Jordan at last weekend’s SuperBowl Halftime show. JBalvin Is a massive ambassador for Global streetwear and sneaker culture and has always loved to imprint his mark on the community. 

What better way to showcase his latest creative project than on the world’s stage at arguably one of the biggest gigs of the year. The Colombian performed alongside the likes of Bad Bunny, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in an energetic Latin themed parade.

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José Álvaro Osorio Balvín is a man that stands proud of his culture and has always put the Latin people at the forefront of his actions.

Back in 2015, he refused to perform at the Miss USA show as a result of Donald Trump’s comments towards Latin people. The performance would have been his first on national mainstream television; however he turned down this opportunity out of principle stating “We’re talking about our roots, our culture, our values,”

It’s this sort of authenticity that builds value behind the Latin sneakerhead’s creative endeavours, be it music or fashion.


The Medellin born Urban Artist has revealed as a child; his cousins would bring him Air Jordan 1’s back to Colombia after visiting the United States.
It’s possible times like these lit the fire for his sneaker passion.

It is the Air Jordan 1 silhouette that the Latin artist has decided to recreate. The design includes a multi-coloured stamp on the canvas upper And trademark smiley-faced badge that was made popular around the time of his “Energia” album release.

JBalvin first hinted at the collaboration with Air Jordan by taking to Instagram and posting a sneak preview of the Kicks along with the caption - “I’m Latino and proud but don’t put us in a box, we are global. Tonight at the Super Bowl, I will reveal my Jordan 1 x J Balvin collaboration.”

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We feel the sneakers embody both the colourfulness of Latin culture and the vibrancy of the Colombians persona.
These sneakers are arguably one of the top Air Jordan 1 releases of all time.

The Air Jordan 1 originally released in 1985 in a variety of colourways but the biggest stand out of all was the red, white and black that matched Jordans Chicago Bulls Jersey. It was the first coloured sneaker worn in the NBA. It played a big part in kickstarting and popularising sneaker culture in the united states.

What are your thoughts on JBalvins Nike Air Jordan 1’s?