The 5 Most Popular Sneakers of Instagram

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The 5 Most Popular Sneakers of Instagram

The 5 Most Popular Sneakers of Instagram.

This year UK company Forward2me have decoded the most Instagrammable sneakers out there. We think that the results may come as quite surprise to some of you. The big shock being that sneaker giants Nike do not have any of their original designs feature in the top 5 list at all.

The list was based on amount of times the shoes were tagged or posted in an image. Its clear to see that one company has dominated the #IGSNEAKERCOMMUNITY with 3 features in the top 5 list, Perhaps Nike should start taking notes?


So without further adieu here are the most Instagrammable sneakers ranked 5-1



5.Converse Chuck Taylor -2,175,091 Posts  

  1. Adidas Superstar - 3,433,316 Posts

  1. Old Skool Vans- 3,594,318 Posts

2. Adidas Yeezy 350 - 4,198,238 Posts

1. Adidas NMD - 5,709,871 Posts


What are your thoughts on the list? Can you pick a favourite?

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