The Ultimate Way to Reshape a Snapback, Ball Cap or Dad Cap - So Simple!

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The Ultimate Way to Reshape a Snapback, Ball Cap or Dad Cap - So Simple!

Is your hat misshapen from standing or sitting on it? Left in the bottom of your wardrobe for the winter? or packed in a suitcase for your holiday? Maybe you want to reshape it, so it sits better on your head?

With a resurgence of vintage headwear and 90's ball caps it may be time to revamp your old lid. 

Being unhappy with your hat's shape can be a pretty irritating thing, especially if it's a stand out in your cap collection.

There are circumstances that call for a misshapen cap, for instance, if you are watching a baseball game and want to get behind your favourite team then bring out the rally caps!

But in most cases, a misshapen hat spells bad news. 

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Nothing ruins your streetwear fit like a poorly structured cap.

 But fear not, it's possible that your hat is not beyond repair. Take a look at these simple ways to reshape your caps, whether its: snapbacks, ball caps, dad caps, trucker caps or panel caps. 

 We're convinced that you can have your caps looking box-fresh if you follow one of these methods.

The Ultimate Way to Reshape a Cap.

Reshape Your Cap Using Kettle Steam.

 Steam? Yes, that's right, steam! It's a very similar method to ironing the creases out of your shirts in the morning.

 Don't have one of those fancy steamers? Don't worry about it. Our favourite method for reshaping caps is to put the kettle on.

 It doesn't get more British than that, does it? Well, what do you expect from the leading British headwear brand?

 This is the best method, in our opinion, to reshape your cap. Disclosure Kettles get hot, don't burn yourself and even consider wearing gloves to execute this method.

 Fill your kettle with water and switch on the heat. 

  1. Wait for the kettle to begin steaming.
  2. Place your cherished cap over the steam.
  3. Wait for the cap to become warm and soft. At this point, it is workable, and you can reshape the brim and panels to your liking. Begin at the peak and then move onto the panels.
  4. Repeat several times over until you achieve the shape you are after.

 Top Tip - Don't allow your caps to become damp by overexposing them to the steam; this could cause damage to the fabric.

 This reshaping method works excellent for snapbacks, baseball caps,5 panel's, truckers etc.

Kettle steam

Steam is a great way to make your cap workable and to get it looking box-fresh just the way you like it; here are a few other methods for restructuring your caps using steam: 

 Reshape Your Cap Using a Clothing Steamer.

 It is not as readily accessible as the standard kettle, but if you happen to have a clothing steamer lying about the house, this is an excellent method to get your cap back in shape. 

 Following similar patterns to the method above, you need to generate lots of steam and engulf all areas of the cap you want to rework. Once the cap becomes soft and warm, it's ready to be adjusted.  

Reshape Your Cap Using Your Hot Shower.

Another useful way to de-crease your cap is to use your shower. What you want to do is whack it on full heat and leave it running for a while. 

 Let your bathroom turn into a homemade steam room, hang your cap somewhere away from the running water. 

 Perhaps on the back of the door, if you have a hook there. You don't want the cap to collect too much moisture.

 Leave the cap to sit for around 10 minutes. At this point, it will become workable, and you can manipulate the shape back to how you want it.

 These methods require patience but, once executed, can give you the results you are after. 

 Be sure to take care of your caps, prevention is always better than cure, and you will always find it challenging to regain your cap's original shape. 

 However, if you follow the above steps, you should be able to reshape your hats with ease!

 Oh, and whatever you do, don't put your hat in the dryer unless you have a friend with a tiny head that needs a newly reshaped cap! 

 Should the above methods not give you the results you are after, check out our collection of urban headwear available in our online store. 

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