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Want to know how to wear a baseball cap backwards? Our 6 simple steps to ensure you are doing it the right way.
Don't make the same mistake as everyone else does.

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Rally caps are baseball's most infamous superstition, where fans and trailing team members turn their branded hats inside out or unconventionally wear them to motivate their team to come from behind and steal a victory, typically in the late and dying parts of a game.  It's thought that the cap has to be branded with the baseball team's logo to work, and the superstition intends to give up a little dignity on your part in exchange for some luck for the team.   Although this trend originated from the game of baseball, it has now transcended the sport. From softball rally...

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Are you reluctant to pull the trigger and buy a new ball cap? Have you found that no matter how many times you try, you still don't look good in a ball cap? Or maybe you have never been one to wear a cap at all, as you think they would never suit you?

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