How Do I Look Good In A Baseball Cap?

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How Do I Look Good In A Baseball Cap?

Are you reluctant to pull the trigger and buy a new ball cap?

Have you found that no matter how many times you try, you still don't look good in a ball cap?

Perhaps you are thinking of wearing a hat on a date but you're not sure it will look quite right, or maybe you have never been one to wear a cap at all, as you think they would never suit you?

What if we were to explain that these are all common misconceptions and that you are not alone!

Luckily we have put together some workarounds so that you can feel more comfortable about wearing your new hat.



How Do I look Good In A Baseball Cap?

  • Wear your cap, new accessories take time to settle.
  • Avoid fitted caps and wear strapbacks & snapbacks.
  • Buy quality caps from the specialists.
  • Reshape your cap using steam.
  • Grow a Beard or restyle your hair.

Wear Your Ball Cap

Yes, Wearing your cap Is the most simple, yet effective solution to getting a ball cap to suit you and inevitably adding caps to your daily outfits.

Adding accessories to your outfits always changes your look and at first, it can be quite a lot to handle.

It's the same for wearing a chain or rings for the first time, it's alien at 1st but you quickly get used to it. 

Quality ball caps are malleable and workable and they will adjust over time to fit and suit your head dimensions.

So you have to stick with it because once you are out of this transitionary period new doors to open up for you.

Wear your cap! 

Avoid Fitted Caps

You are fighting a losing battle if you opt for a fitted cap, unless you know your exact dimensions you won't get the fit right and to make matters worse, you cant adjust them to accommodate.

The most common reason for someone to be reluctant to wear a cap is because it "doesn't sit right on their head" at least with adjustable caps you can control the majority of the fit. 

 Always opt for an adjustable cap such as a strapback or snapback to give you that full control of shape and size. 

Buy Quality Caps from the Headwear Specialists 

Buy cheap buy twice!

Would you buy your suit from a grocery store? No, and if you did, would you expect a tailored look like a haberdashery would give you? No!

Equally, you shouldn't buy your cap from the grocery store like a commodity, instead, go to the headwear experts who can provide you with a quality hat that has been crafted from years of experience.

We live in a world that rewards instant gratification and unfortunately as a result of this "fast fashion" has been put on a pedestal.

Fast fashion is the death of quality, fast fashion is the death of craft and fast fashion is the death of individuality.

You may find that when wearing previous ball caps they didn't suit you because all of the above were neglected.  


Reshape Your Cap Using Steam 

You cant always expect your cap to sit flush to your dome straight out of the box, as we mentioned before the bond between cap and cap wearer takes time.

You can however manipulate your cap to fit your head.

Does a heavily curved brim suit your face shape better than a flat one?

Would a slight adjustment to the front panels have the cap sit better on your head?

We have devised the ultimate guide for reshaping your caps to aid you in your journey for the perfect ball cap. 

Grow a Beard or Restyle Your Hair 

Whether caps suit you or not has a lot to do with how they sit with your heads dimensions.

Although you can't change the structure of your head (would strongly advise against attempting that) there is a way to make your head shape appear transformed.

Do you find your head is too small for most cap sizes? Perhaps you could grow your hair to aid in filling out those front panels?

Or, if you find your caps too filled out, it may be time to visit the barbers.

Equally buy growing a beard you can almost transform your face shape creating the illusion that your face is slimmer or bulkier than it is. 

Both of the above have been proven winners for us in the past and you would be amazed at how growing your hair out or growing a beard will help you suit that cap.

We think that the most important take away from this is that there are lots of tips and tricks to have your cap become part of your daily outfit but the truth of the matter is if you don't start with a good foundation you are set up for failure.

Start with a quality structured cap, with a unique design that you resonate with and make sure that you wear it!

In no time that baseball cap will become an extension of you.