How To Wear A Baseball Cap Backwards?|Backwards Ball Cap

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How To Wear A Baseball Cap Backwards?|Backwards Ball Cap

How To Wear A Baseball Cap Backwards?

So, if you are looking to buy a new ball cap but are undecided on how you want to style it, let me tell you, you're not alone. 

Styling your cap is a bit of an art form, and like a lot of things in life, there are two ways to do it: the right way and the wrong way!

Backwards baseball caps have been worn backwards since way back in the 80s, and since then, we've learned a thing or two about how to wear a baseball cap backwards.


Follow these steps on how to wear a baseball backwards cap to ensure you are doing it the right way: 

Make Sure You Wear The Strap Up and Brim Down.

Make sure that the strapback of your ball cap is placed high on your head, with the brim of the hat pointing down.

Avoid having the brim level higher than the hats closure as this will leave marks on your forehead.

Don't Fasten Your Baseball Cap Too Tight.

Don't fasten the lid too tightly, as it will leave marks on your forehead and ruin the structure of both the panels and sweatband of the ball hat.

Don't Bend The Brim On Your Backwards Cap.

Don't bend the brim of your hat; otherwise, it will lose its proportions, reshaping ball caps can be difficult and certainly something you want to avoid doing if possible.

Tuck Your Hair Under The Sweatband Of The Cap.

Ensure you tuck your hair neatly and that nothing is sticking out of the gap above the closure or the sides of the hat's sweatband. 

Make Sure Your Backwards Ball Caps Size Is Right For You.

Make sure the caps size is right for your head.

If it isn't, you are fighting a losing battle. If that cap doesn't fit your head size or shape, it becomes very difficult to wear it well.

Wear Your Backwards Caps With Casual Outfits.

Be sure to only wear caps backwards with a casual outfit, as a backwards ball cap is a very laid back look and doesn't compliment a suit. 


    Who started the backwards cap trend?

    Like most fashion trends, it's challenging to identify a single source.

    Throughout the 90s, wearing a baseball cap backwards became increasingly popular, whether for style or utility.

    But most people say we have a Hall of Famer to thank for that.

     George Kenneth Griffey JR. started the backwards baseball cap trend in the '90s.

    The 13 times all-star and 7th highest home run hitter in Major League Baseball history unintentionally started this popular fashion trend that has taken the world by storm. 

    The Mariners, Cincinnati Reds, and Chicago White Sox outfielder showed the world how to wear a cap backwards, and his fans quickly followed.


    Some looked at Griffey Jr. as an outsider or a rebellious figure going against the grain of what baseball fans considered the norm.

    Buck Showalter, the New York Yankees manager, suggested that Ken Griffey Jr's take on how to wear a cap showed a "lack of respect for the game."

    However, his fans thought he was breathing new life into the sport of baseball. 

    Griffey Jr. later explained that wearing a backwards cap was not an act of rebellion or a way to stand out, and it was simply something he had done since childhood. 


    It was a way for him to make his father's oversized baseball caps fit his head without falling off, and he has stuck to this tradition ever since. 

    His father, after all, was a Cincinnati reds legend that won three division titles and two world series as an outfielder.

    Can you blame Griffey Jr. for wanting to emulate his dad, and could there be a more sincere and heartwarming beginning to this vintage cap trend? 


    What Is It Called When You Wear A Baseball Cap Backwards?

    So we've established the origins of the backwards baseball cap, but what is it called when you wear a baseball cap backwards?

    In MLB, wearing a baseball cap backwards is often referred to as Rally Caps.

    Rally caps are branded ball caps worn backwards or unconventionally by fans or teammates to part with a little bit of dignity and give the intended much-needed support, typically to the trailing team in the dying stages of a game.  


    Are Backwards Caps Still Cool?

    First of all, who becomes the ultimate decider of whether something is cool or not? 

    We do, with help from the internet.

    The jury is out, and the votes are in, so are backwards caps still cool?

    Yes, they are. Backwards ball caps have been around for a while, and they aren't going anywhere fast. But it's not just the rich history of this trend that keeps it cool.

    A lot has to do with the rebellious yet effortless look it gives any outfit, its regular presence at new york fashion week and the long list of cultural icons that keep backwards caps in the limelight. 

    Think that backwards ball caps have seen their day? 

    Here are a few people that might disagree with you.


    Bella Hadid sports a backwards ball cap.

    The American supermodel has featured in campaigns for Fendi, Balmain and Tom Ford, so she knows a thing or two about what hits in the fashion game.


    Vintage '90s outfits hit differently, and Brad Pitt shows us that whilst rocking his ball cap backwards out in the city streets.


    Harlem born Fashion Killa, A$AP Rocky has an enormous pull in streetwear and high-end fashion and can regularly be spotted in backwards ball hats.


    Chris Evans' Hat styling skills are something else. The Boston-born actor is most commonly known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel universe.

    In this universe, he's known for rocking his ball cap backwards and doing it effortlessly.   

    Why Can't I Wear A Hat Backwards? 

    It's argued that wearing a baseball hat backwards has an expiry date, and something commonly considered a youthful look and style does not suit older men or women. 

    People often perceive those who wear caps backwards as slack, unprofessional, and lazy. 

    We think that's ridiculous.


    Many people wear caps for functional reasons like shading their face and keeping the sun out of their eyes.

    But what happens when the sun is on the back of your neck?

    It would help if you had protection, and wearing a ball hat backwards fixes that problem. 

    Baseball caps are made for utility, and people wear them whilst playing all sorts of sports, but they do have a downside. 

    Anyone trying to make a jump shot in basketball can testify that forward-facing caps are a pain.

    When worn forwards, they obstruct your view and can get knocked off unintentionally, so why not flip it backwards?

    Have you ever raced a speed boat up the Thames only to have your baseball cap fly off your head? of course not because you are not James Bond.

    But if you are reading Bond, flip your cap around. 


    The point is there is a time and a place for a backwards cap, and whether it's for function or style, you should know, that nothing is stopping you from wearing your hat backwards. 


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