What Vintage Hats Were Popular In The 90's? | Best 90's Hats.

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What Vintage Hats Were Popular In The 90's? | Best 90's Hats.

The '90s are known for many things, some good, some not so good!

But Vintage 90's headwear is something that the era should be proud of.

But what vintage hats were popular in the '90s?

When you think of the '90s, you may think of things like; Dial-up internet, grunge, friends, Tamagotchi's, Blockbuster, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, flat tops, and Gameboy, to name a few.

Many trends seem to have come and gone, and not many stand the test of time and live to tell the tale. However, there are exceptions.

As it would be known in the '90s as just headwear, Vintage 90's hats seem to be taking the UK, amongst many other places by storm. 

Collectors are going mad over 90's hat trends such as the classic leather jacket, oversized flannels, and corduroy ball caps.

With a resurgence of everything '90s at the moment, we take a look at :

What Vintage Hats Were Popular In The '90s?

  • Vintage Corduroy 90's Ball Caps 
  • The Bucket Hat
  • Bike Caps
  • The Dad Cap
  • The Collegiate Cap
  • Trucker Caps 

Vintage Corduroy Ball Caps

The vintage corduroy baseball cap is a 90's headwear accessory that has stood the test of time.

An iconic headwear piece that screams vintage headwear and pays tribute to one of the ultimate eras for caps ever.

A style that boasts: Comfort, luxury, quality, and nostalgia all in one, the "cord of the kings" is by far one of the best caps styles to have ever existed. 

The 1990's Bucket Hat


Source: SLSUPPLYCO - 8 Caps Rappers Made Famous 

LL Cool J and the bucket hat are pretty much synonymous. The rapper made the hat famous in the mid-'80s to early '90s.

He often donned his infamous bucket hat while blasting into his mic and rocking a clean pair of OG Air Jordan 1's a uniform that is still doing the rounds on Instagram today.

This 90's hat look remains a staple in streetwear culture.


Source: Unknown

Nothing says festival vibes in the '90s like the bucket hat or even today, for that matter.

The bucket hat was madly accepted by "Britpop" followers in the '90s after the likes of Liam Gallagher gave it its label of the "Madchester hat."

A hat that's structure is built for the British weather. I mean, it's a pretty good way to combat those rainy Manchester days.


Vintage 90's Bike Caps


Source: Stockx

Spike Lee epitomized pop culture in the '90s; his collaboration with Michael and the Air Jordan brand undoubtedly helped it become the sneaker juggernaut it is today.

But it wasn't just sneakers he popularized in streetwear culture; the bike cap was made famous by the American writer/director too.

As worn by his fictional character "Mars" in the film "She's Gotta Have It," this 90's staple pays homage to an excellent headwear era. 



Source: US Weekly  

The 1990's Dad Cap


Source: Unknown 

The dad cap popularized by, you guessed it, dads everywhere in the '90s.

This Ironic 90's fad stuck around longer than expected. In fact, to this day, you will find dad caps playing a pretty pivotal role in streetwear.

Not many have adopted the dad cap in the modern era more than Kanye West, using it to promote such ventures as Yeezus and Sunday Service, to name a few.

The Collegiate 90's Cap


Source: Unknown



With a silhouette that can only be described as a hybrid of ball caps and dad caps, the collegiate ball cap is a prominent 90's throwback.

A style that emphasizes college sports and the popularity they had in the '90s.

The style was popularized by rappers, actors, and all other walks of people in the 90's.

 As above, you can see Dr. Dre puttin' it down for Californ-i-a by rocking a UCLA collegiate cap.

Trucker Caps From The 90's. 


Source: Reddit

Nothing says the 90's like an airport walkthrough shoot in a pair of Jordan 1's.

Or does it?

The trucker cap is somewhat of a 90's treasure, but it's been around long before that, as early as the 1960's its thought.

We think it will be here for a while, too; 

Current adopters of the trucker hat, such as; Travis Scott, Bieber, Luka Sabbat, and J-Balvin, to name a few, are doing their part to keep the cap on the road.