Urban Headwear - The Ultimate Guide To Caps.

Urban Headwear - The Ultimate Guide To Caps.

The cap has become a staple piece in everyone's wardrobe these days, birthed in the united states in 1860 by the baseball team "The Brooklyn Excelsior's". It wasn't until later that the shape and structure were reimagined and thus birthed the hardened brim styled cap we know and love today.

To this day, the Baseball cap's been reimagined and redesigned in many variations: Snapback, fitted cap, trucker cap, dad cap, to name a few.

Urban Headwear | The Ultimate Guide to Caps.

Ultimately, the cap is an essential stamp to complete any streetwear outfit. After years of designing and crafting, we have put together a guide highlighting the key elements when considering buying urban headwear.




1.Quality Design 

First, the design must appeal to you personally. Do the colours blend with your daily outfits? What sneakers are in your rotation right now? Does the colour scheme match up? Remember that caps are accessories to a complete outfit and must act like it. We often find that your cap design should be subtle and non-offensive, yet ensure that it has a clean enough image to make a statement.

 2. Durability and Craft

Your hat must be well made, finely crafted and sturdy in structure. It needs to look like a delicate piece of high-end fashion and bombproof simultaneously! What's the purpose of getting your hands on the best cap design available for it to crumble the following week. Headwear should be built to last the test of time and survive in the streets

3.The Fit

One of the primary concerns when deciding what cap to buy is fit. A common misconception people have is that they think caps won't fit their head shape. There are a couple of things to consider here, firstly avoid cap styles like "fitted caps" and look for adjustable designs such as "strapbacks" and "snapbacks"; these will allow the cap to fit flush with the sides of your head. Beyond this, if the cap is crafted with high-quality materials, it will rework itself and adjust to the individual's dimensions. Ultimately, your cap should fit seamlessly, as a glove would but remember to make sure you wear it in!


These are what we believe to be the trifecta for quality in the urban headwear game; you're lost without any one of them.


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