Nike Colour Changing AF1 - The Transforming Sneaker You Cant Miss!

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Nike Colour Changing AF1 - The Transforming Sneaker You Cant Miss!

The Air force 1 might be one of the most timeless and well-known sneakers on the planet. 

Every major city is flooded with these kicks, and it's hard to walk down the street without bumping into a pair.

We have long known that Nike doesn't shy away from color when they want to make a splash in the sneaker market take JBalvins Nike Air Jodan 1 collaboration for instance.

Over the years, we have seen colorway after colorway of air force 1's land in the stores to the point where you have to question - what's next? 

You might be thinking that we have seen it all at this point. 


The color-changing Air Force 1 Nike sneaker was built to break the internet. 


The Nike Air force 1 Low '07 LX UV Reactive Multi & Air Force 1 Low UV Reactive Swoosh are two color-changing sneakers that think outside the shoe box. 


The exclusive women's sneaker releases have been crafted with photochromic materials, meaning that when exposed to the sun's UV rays, they transform from classic white to various blue's, yellow and purple hues. 

This groundbreaking transformative sneaker will return to its original white after eight or more hours of exposure to sunlight. 


Nike Air force 1 Low '07 LX UV Reactive Multi

With an upper blend of smooth and textured white leather, the chameleon of the kick's world changes to combinations of yellow, purple and blue in the sun's UV rays. 

A university blue outsole gives these sneakers an alternative stamp to their classic counterpart. 


These color-changing shoes are in high demand and would likely perform well on the resale market in years to come. 

Current Price: $158 

Release Date: September 17th 2021


Air Force 1 Low UV Reactive Swoosh

The second edition of the Nike Air Force color-changing shoes release comes at a slight premium. 

This textured leather sneaker transforms in UV rays just like the former, but the exposed sneaker has a more elegant finish. 


Isolating the color-changing materials to the swoosh and back tag make for a sneaker that can pair with most outfits.

Utilising the same university blue to match the outsole and lace tag on the color-changing swoosh means that these sneakers change color for the best and not just for the sake of it. 


These sneakers are less of a gimmick and more of a statement. 

An instant classic. 

Current Price : $201

Release Date: September 17th 2021


What makes the Nike Color Changing AF1 UV React change color? 

Nike created these groundbreaking sneakers with the help of photochromic inks.

These inks, laboratory-made, can transform the color of garments through UV exposure and can easily be activated or deactivated. 


But these inks aren't just built for the sneaker world. 

All sorts of garments can be transformed "photochromicly", such as bags, dresses, and other accessories.