How To Wear A Baseball Cap With Long Hair 

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How To Wear A Baseball Cap With Long Hair 

If you, like many others, rock a full head of hair and aren't afraid to let those locks loose, the baseball cap should undoubtedly be your best mate.  

The bond between ball caps and long hair is as old as time, and it's here to stick around too. 

Baseball caps do a great job of hiding greasy hair and disguising lousy hair days.

It can be tough to maintain long hair, and you are bound to get days where things aren't going your way.  

That's why you need a baseball cap in your arsenal. 


But where do you start, and how do you wear a baseball cap with long hair?

Keep your hair in order. To look good whilst wearing a ball cap, tame it by tucking, tying, oiling or washing. Make sure the cap fits your head and hair, avoid low profile caps and lean towards medium/high profile. Finally, wear your hat in a style that suits you. Different hairstyles suit different cap styles. 


The Athleisure look has brought baseball caps to the forefront of the fashion and streetwear world.

Its become a significant part of accessorising casual outfits, but there is an art to styling the baseball cap right when you have long hair. 

Here are the 8 essential steps on how to wear a baseball cap with long hair: 

1. Pick a ball cap with a Medium/High profile.

The profile of the cap you pick to wear will play a big part in how it sits on your head. 

A low profile cap such as a 5 panel combined with a large head shape and a full head of thick curly hair is a recipe for disaster. 

Opt for a classic Medium/High profile ball cap, ideally with a strapback closure so you can mould the hat to fit your head shape and size. 


2. If you wear your baseball cap backwards, tilt the brim down so it doesn't leave a mark.

There is nothing worse than wearing your baseball cap all day, only for it to leave branding on your forehead when you take it off. 

If you choose to wear your ball hat backwards, make sure you do it right. 

Strap up brim down is how to avoid those irritating marks on your forehead.


3. Don't wear your cap too tight. 

Tightening your cap too much is a rookie mistake, yet a widespread one. 

Not only will wearing your ball cap too tight look wrong and ruin the structure of your lid, but it kills your hair too. 

A tight ball cap can directly lead to frictional alopecia, where the lack of blood flow and constant abrasion can cause hair loss. 

So if you want to keep your hair long, loosen that caps size.


4. Pick a cap style that suits your hair type and length.

Hair and baseball caps come in various shapes and styles, and as a result, they don't all pair perfectly.

If you want to wear a baseball cap with long hair, you must pick a cap style that suits you. 

For instance, if you have thick curly hair, avoid heavily curved brims and go for a flatter peak. 

No one knows this better than the former Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard a.k.a "Thor"


5. Make sure your hair is clean (Day 2 hair is ideal)

We get it. It's a pain to keep your hair washed and cleaned regularly, and some days, you don't have the time for it. 

The baseball cap can do wonders to conceal oily hair and is an easy win for those days you don't fancy jumping in the shower. 

But the cap isn't a miracle worker, and if you want to wear a ball cap with long hair and look good, you better make sure your hair is clean. 

Day 2 hair is the sweet spot, and let's be clear, there is nothing worse than using a cap as an excuse not to wash. 

6. Tuck and tie your hair. 

 Depending on the length and shape of your hair, it might be worth tying it up or tucking it behind your ears.

Long hair can look great with baseball caps, but it can also be obstructive. 

The goal is to get your hair to work for you and sit how you want it whilst wearing your cap. 

A popular hat style for people with long hair is using the closure at the back of the cap to feed their hair through. 


7. Use oils to tame your hair.

Oils are a great partner for long hair, and they do a great job of taming your mane and helping your locks sit right whilst wearing your cap. 

8. Don't brush your hair after wearing your cap. 

Wearing a cap with long hair can have its problems, and one of those is hat hair. 

Ever wear a cap all day, take it off and look in the mirror to see essentially a bird's nest sitting on your scalp? 


You are not alone. 

But the worst thing you can do in this situation is reaching for the brush. 

Running a brush through hat hair will only make matters worse and urge you to put that cap back on. 

Think hair frizz x1000. 

Instead, run your fingers through your hair to mould it to a style that you're comfortable with. 

Before you put your cap on for the day, consider, "will I be forced to take the lid off and expose the frizz"? 

If so, don't wear the cap.  

How do you wear a fitted baseball cap with long hair? 

Wearing a fitted baseball cap with long hair has its limitations. You can't wear long hair in a high pony or bun as there is no closure system at the back of the hat to let your hair out.

To wear a fitted cap with long hair, wear it down or in a low ponytail to avoid the hat sitting strangely. 


To avoid long hair obstructing your view and getting in your face, tuck your hair behind your ears before placing the ball cap on your head. 

You also want to ensure that the caps size is suitable to cover both your head and long hair. 

How do Baseball players with long hair wear their ball caps?

If, at this point, you still don't believe that long hair and ball caps are a perfect partnership and you need a little more convincing, take a look at some of the prominent ballplayers that rock both long hair and ball caps.

Long hair has become somewhat of a trend in major league baseball as of late, and here are a few players that know how to rock a baseball cap. 


Jacob De Grom 


Zach Greinke 


Noah Syndergaard